Offering Real-time Settlement in Bank Account for AEPS

AEPS (Aadhar Enabled Payment System) is a new payment service offered by
the National Payments Corporation of India to banks, financial institutions using ‘Aadhaar’ number and
online UIDAI authentication through their respective Businesss correspondent service centres.

Our Solutions

Api Solution

Trusted provider of AEPS API solutions in India.

AEPS Api Solution
Benefits of Api Solution

  • Convenience for Customers
  • Secure and Encrypted Transactions
  • Cost-Effective Solution
  • Best commission Structure
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Software Solution

Trusted provider of AEPS software in India.

AEPS software solutions
Benefits of Software Solution

  • Streamlined Transactions
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Secure and Cost-effective Solution
  • Best commission Structure
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How it works

  • Streamlined Transactions
    Streamlined Transactions:
    AEPS software simplifies the process of Aadhaar-enabled transactions, making them faster and more efficient.
  • Financial Inclusion:
    Financial Inclusion:
    AEPS software promotes financial inclusion by allowing individuals without traditional bank accounts to perform basic banking transactions using their Aadhaar number.
  • Secure and Cost-effective Solution
    Secure and Cost-effective Solution:
    AEPS software ensures secure and encrypted transactions, safeguarding sensitive customer information.
  • Vendor Selection and Setup
    Vendor Selection and Setup:
    Choose us as a reliable AEPS software provider and follow their instructions to install and set up the software.
  • Compliance and Integration:
    Compliance and Integration:
    Register with relevant regulatory authorities, such as the NPCI, and comply with the guidelines for AEPS transactions.
  • User Interface and Transaction Processing
    User Interface and Transaction Processing:
    Customize the user interface of your AEPS software and implement a customer onboarding process.
infographic of aeps transaction
  • Convenience for Customers:
    Convenience for Customers:
    By integrating our AEPS API solution into your platform, you enable your customers to perform a variety of banking transactions using their Aadhaar-linked bank accounts.
  • Secure and Encrypted Transactions
    Secure and Encrypted Transactions:
    Our AEPS API solution ensures that all transactions are securely encrypted, protecting sensitive customer data and preventing unauthorized access.
  • Cost-Effective Solution
    Cost-Effective Solution:
    Implementing an AEPS API solution is a cost-effective alternative to building and maintaining a separate infrastructure for Aadhaar-enabled transactions.
  • Integration and Onboarding
    Integration and Onboarding:
    Our team will guide you through the integration process, providing comprehensive documentation and technical support.
  • Registration and Verification
    Registration and Verification:
    As part of the AEPS process, you will need to register as a Businesss correspondent (BC) or Businesss facilitator (BF) with a banking partner.
  • API Authorization
    API Authorization:
    Once registered, we will provide you with API credentials and authorization keys specific to your Businesss.
  • Ongoing Support and Updates
    Ongoing Support and Updates:
    We are committed to providing ongoing support to ensure the smooth operation of your AEPS API solution.
infographic of aeps API interface

Why choose AEPS India

Integrated Solution
Integrated Solution

Complete Businesss software solution for AEPS Service providers.

Real time Settlement
Real time Settlement

Real Time Money settlement & same day onboarding of members via fingerprint scan (No Need for long KYC process), Aeps india offer Real-time settlement in bank account for aeps transaction with aeps portal.

Cross Platform Support
Cross Platform Support

AEPS India offers cross platform support with our well researched AEPS Software for AEPS Service providers.

Best Commission Structure
Best Commission Structure

AEPS India offers the best commission structure for Businessses who are using our AEPS Solutions ( Aeps portal and aeps api solutions ).

Impact of AePS India

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50 Lakh+

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